The Shadow Owners' Companion

The Shadow Owners' Companion

"I wonder how many cars we have left and who is to look after them. The last Shadow had been made, registered and was on the road by the time that many young mechanics today were born! There is also the aspect that with the enormous number of cars being produced, there are simply not
sufficient facilities to maintain them so a quaint obsolescent old bomb sporting a cute little girl on top of the grille is not going to get much attention unless there is a lot of money to be paid! The
salvation may be owners and enthusiasts getting in there and having a go. Armed with Jon Waples' book they should get a long way before they run into trouble – if they ever do. An owner of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley can be a pretty determined customer!"

- Bill Coburn
Tee One Topics No. 60

"Awhile back I had emailed you asking if you ever made a book, Which you were kind enough to let me know about, and so I ordered it right away. When it got here I read the thing cover to cover. My Shadow was even kind enough to develop a problem in the braking system so I actually got some 'hands on' with the car. The problem was fixed, the book was around $40.00 and the repair was free (thanks to the book). God only knows what the dealer or mechanic would have charged. The book is a great publication with not only very helpful quick simple repair info but your humor in it is rather funny in a subtle way."
- Richard Z., Arizona (USA)

"I must have received the book the day after I ordered it. I did not expect to receive it so soon. I have owned my Shadow for 30 years (Oct. 1976), however your book provided MUCH informative information. The book arrived in perfect condition. "
- Melvin M., California (USA)

"It arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I could not be happier with my purchase. I have read it from cover to cover and can't wait to tackle some of the jobs described in the articles."
- Stephen S., Maryland (USA)

" is well written and simple to follow. Congratulations on a job well done."
- Ira S., New York (USA)

"This book is clear, specific, engagingly
written, and thorough to the extent of including sources for parts/services, tune-up chart, and a sufficiently deep index...The book has benefited from the ministrations of many of the big names in Shadow-land, and a Shadow owner will ignore it at his peril."
- Sabu Advani
The Flying Lady, March/April 2007

"If you're aiming to run your Shadow on a budget, it's worth buying a copy of Jon Waples' new book The Shadow Owners' Companion. Short on colour, it has a mine of information on DIY maintenance and you'll soon recoup the £25 price."
- Richard Dredge
Octane, April 2007

"...[I] am impressed with the detail and straightforwardness/practicality of it."
- Nick I., New South Wales (AUS)

"Fantastic book, it arrived in perfect condition and has been a great help, thank you for taking the time to write it so that we can all enjoy our cars that bit more. ...any help with these beauties is always welcome."
- Greg. M, Coventry (UK)

"The "Shadow Owner's Companion" was received in good order and has already travelled with me as 'bed side' reading... I'm very used to pre-war British cars but this is my first foray into a more modern venture. Your book has helped significantly in demystifizing the complexity of the underhood part of my Corniche. "
- Colin G., British Columbia (CAN)

"With clear, step-by-step pictures and illustrations, Jon demystifies the mechanical eccentricities of the most maintenance intensive Rolls-Royce of the 20th century. The owner enthusiast with reasonable mechanical aptitude and a little patience will be rewarded with an understanding of the many need-to-know topics not covered by the factory workshop manuals."
- Richard Vaughan
The Modern Lady 07-1

"The book is excellent and it arrived quickly and in perfect condition."
- Thomas B., New York (USA)

"I would like to commend you on producing a truly valuable guide for taking care of one's Shadow. For those of us who like the maintain our vehicles, your book will go a long way to satisfying that need."
- Shaun E., Virginia (USA)

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